We Need Your Help: May 30 Call-In Day to Support Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act

Dear WestCoast Community:The Justice For Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA), S. 1738 is the only comprehensive human trafficking legislation that provides funding for the services that sexually exploited youth need to heal. It also addresses the demand that drives the sex trafficking market by giving law enforcement the prosecutorial tools needed to target those who purchase sex from minors.The House of Representatives unanimously passed the JVTA last week. Now we need the Senate to take up the legislation in order for it to become law.

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WCC hosts symposium on sexually exploited youth

Dear WestCoast Community,

On April 17, we hosted a symposium to surface some of the key dilemmas we face in adequately serving exploited youth, We Can Do Better: Improving our response to child sex trafficking in Alameda County. The panel and subsequent discussion is meant to guide our collective efforts towards improving the system for youth. To learn more about the symposium, please read this article in the Chronicle of Social Change.

You can take action right now to improve services for sexually exploited youth. Click here to learn more about current legislative proposals, and how to support them.

We extend our thanks to the sponsors who supported the symposium, Chabot-Las Positas Community College DistrictZellerbach Family Foundation, andGirls Rights Project. We are also grateful to our panelists, who represent a range of organizations and systems that work with trafficked youth: Continue reading