Child Sex Trafficking: Who is for sale and at what cost?

On November 29th, 2016, WestCoast Children’s Clinic hosted a panel to discuss how racism and misogyny drive child sex trafficking in the United States. As women and their allies across the country voice opposition to policies that explicitly endanger women and girls, the need to address the impact of the child sex trade on girls of color is greater than ever. Today we’re releasing the first two of five podcasts from a recording of the evening: Episode 1: Setting the Context and Episode 2: Five Vantage Points. Please listen to this important conversation with five national experts in the anti-trafficking movement.

You can also find the podcast on the iTunes store. This podcast production is copyright 2017, WestCoast Children’s Clinic.


Thank you to everyone who joined us on November 29th. Our phenomenal panelists spoke powerfully about the issues that drive the child trafficking industry in the United States.

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