foster youth development

Raised in a system where social workers, therapists, counselors, and educators work in relative silos, FYDP is committed to matching foster youth with individuals who stick with them, as they navigate their way through the on-going twists and turns of the foster care system.

Developed with the belief that children should grow up in communities, not programs, FYDP matches our Team Leaders, mentors and therapists to our youth’s lives.  We see them where they live, for as long as they need, and as often as they want.

We are committed to helping our youth learn the less visible skills of being in a relationship, as well as concrete help finding places to live, schools to go to, and ways to pay for them. A group of peers, facilitated by the Team Leader offers a space to talk about the ups and downs of living in foster care, and preparing to live on their own.

FYDP also has a research component aimed at better understanding the unique needs of transition age foster children.

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