assessment program

Assessment is a collaborative process that combines psychological testing with practical interventions to help children and their families better understand a child’s symptoms and behaviors. We use the findings to identify the best approach to treatment and make recommendations to help youth at school and at home. By encouraging youth and families to include their own questions in the assessment, we empower them to understand the difficulties they face.

Assessments may address concerns about school, learning, puzzling or problematic behaviors, diagnostic questions related to attention, depression, or past trauma. We meet with children, their families, teachers, social workers, therapists, and other important people in their lives, to learn as much as we can about the child and his or her current struggle. We use tests that are culturally and developmentally sound to understand strengths, weaknesses, and barriers to growth.

The result is a written report that describes the feelings, ways of thinking and experiences of the child. The report may also include a children’s version in the form of a story with pictures, so they too can understand something about themselves.  The report can serve as a roadmap for how to help the youth succeed at home and school.

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