clinical programs

Assessment Program

Relatives, foster parents, teachers and social workers often notice when things aren’t going well for a youth, but they often don’t understand why or what can be done to help…  read more

Outpatient Therapy Program

We view therapy as a partnership between youth, parents, other caregivers, and their clinician. Together, we help children identify and understand their feelings, and find new ways to handle problems… read more

Foster Youth Development Program  

We help adolescents acquire the skills and resources they need to be prepared for life after foster care… read more

Catch 21: Helping Youth Out

Some adolescents need extra support during the transition to adulthood. We designed our Catch-21 program to help these youth make the move from residential treatment to independence… read more

C-Change: Transforming the Lives of Sexually Exploited Minors

Our C-Change Program addresses the mental health needs of youth who are being sexually exploited or are at risk of exploitation… read more

STAT (Screening, Stabilization and Transition Program)

Our STAT program provides first response mental health services to children who are removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect… read more