what we do

What we do is grounded in our roots as a training clinic for psychologists. A learning tradition has paved the way for us to engage continually in conversations and debate about theoretical and practical ways of delivering services. Although built on a psychodynamic base and a belief in the benefits of long-term therapy, we open our clinic and ourselves to finding ways of doing therapy and assessments that are conscious of and relevant to the community we serve.

We do . . . individual therapy, group and family therapy. From a variety of perspectives with a common commitment to being long term. We do foster youth development and transition age support groups. For children and their parents, relatives or foster parents. We do trauma work that includes early screening and assessment for children in their first hours removed from home. We do psychological evaluations that are collaborative and therapeutic.

Services are clinic based, school based, or home based. In short, community based.

What we do depends on what our clients need. And lasts for as long as they need it.