STAT – Relief Support Counselor

WestCoast Children’s Clinic is a seeking a skilled STAT Relief Support Counselor who is committed to helping children and youth in the foster care system reach their full potential. STAT Relief Support Counselors provide community-based, intensive strategies to address current needs for stabilization, crisis intervention and trauma-focused treatment.

Program and Position Overview:

The WestCoast Children’s Clinic’s STAT program is an innovative, model program that provides mental health Screening, Stabilization and Transition (STAT) services to children as they enter the foster care system in Alameda County. The STAT Relief Support Counselor works as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes STAT Clinicians, a STAT Support Counselor Supervisor, the STAT Assistant Program Director, Alameda County Social Service staff, and the Assessment Center Public Health Nurse to provide comprehensive care, supervision, and assessment of children in a nurturing, child-friendly environment at the Alameda County Assessment Center.  The STAT Relief Support Counselor is specifically responsible for the basic care and supervision of children, ages 0-18, and non-minor dependents ages 18-21 who are admitted to the Assessment Center after being removed from their home for reasons of abuse and/or neglect or who are changing placement within the foster care system. Children stay at the Assessment for up to 23 hours while they await placement in a foster home, in a group home, or with a relative. All job duties are completed with the intention of supporting and stabilizing the child, providing a comprehensive assessment, and preparing him/her for placement.

Primary Responsibilities:

The STAT Relief Support Counselor position is part-time, intermittent work that does not include benefits.

Currently seeking day/weekday (7am-4pm) shift availability. Also seeking Overnight shift availability. 

      • Relief staff work when the program needs additional staff or to cover shifts for regular staff when they are sick or take vacation.
      • Relief staff must be available and able to commit to a minimum of two shifts per week.
      • Relief staff are expected to arrive within 30 minutes of being called in when scheduled for a On-Call shift (Program Located in Hayward)
      • Relief staff hours vary depending on program need and are not guaranteed.
      • Ability to pick up shifts on short notice and emergency basis.
      • Relief staff MUST be available to attend a monthly staff meeting held the first Tuesday of every month from 6-7:30 pm and a monthly group supervision (various times offered)

How the STAT Relief Counselor makes an impact:

1. Actively contributes to the comprehensive assessment of the children as part of a the multidisciplinary team:

      • Observes and records children’s behavior and emotional and psychological states.
      • Communicates observations verbally and in written format per program protocols.
      • Maintains close communication with other Support Counselors, STAT clinicians, STAT Support Counselor Supervisor, STAT Assistant Program Director, Alameda County Social Service staff, and public health nurse.
      • Completes all required documentation in a timely manner using professional language.
      • Participates in program and agency administrative meetings, group supervision, and professional development trainings as required.

2. Provides warm, nurturing, empathic support to children, including:

      • Sets appropriate limits.  Gives feedback as needed which is clear, specific, timely and respectful.
      • Effectively communicates behavior choices to children, outlining positive and negative consequences of their choices.
      • Adjusts communication to meet the child’s developmental level and style of communication.
      • Models healthy interaction and respectful communication.
      • Communicates constructively and problem solves collaboratively and effectively.

3. In collaboration with other Assessment Center staff, provides crisis intervention and de-escalation intervention when needed.

4. Conducts intake with children who are brought to the Assessment Center.

      • Makes sure child understands purpose of being at the Assessment Center and what will happen during child’s stay.
      • Conducts inventory of child’s belongings and secures any valuables that the child has with him or her.
      • Takes picture of child
      • Conducts brief health screening in absence of nurse.

5. Assures children’s basic needs are met including meals, hygiene, and sleep, including:

      • Fixing a child’s meal
      • Bathing a child or monitoring a child’s shower according to child’s age and ability
      • Changing a baby’s diaper
      • Getting a child up in the morning.

6. Completes accurate and timely documentation regarding child’s medication according to program protocol.  May administer medication to child according to current prescription.  Consults with Assessment Center nurse or Assessment Center nurse’s supervisor, WCC supervisor, and/or Alameda County child welfare supervisor whenever there is any question about medications or medical concerns.

7. Monitors activities and whereabouts of children at all times.

8. Engages children in age appropriate activities.

9. Maintains a clean, attractive, physically safe environment, including:

      • Washing a child’s clothes when needed
      • Washing sheets
      • Putting away folding beds
      • Vacuuming the carpet
      • Putting away toys, games, and craft materials used by children.
      • Maintenance of all living spaces, including kitchen.

10. Responds cooperatively and flexibly to changes in shift schedule, need for additional shift coverage, scheduling or re-scheduling of meetings

11. Provides support functions (e.g., answering the phones, greeting facility visitors, filing, etc.)

12. Completes additional tasks as requested or assigned.

      • Complies with all WCC policies, procedures, and deadlines.
      • Works proactively with supervisors and program director to ensure the quality and strength of the program. 

The ideal candidate has:

      • Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, education, child development, or another social science preferred.  Master’s degree in a related field a plus.
      • Prior experience working with children in a residential treatment setting is preferred.
      • History of excellent attendance and punctuality in previous jobs.
      • Ability to provide visual and auditory supervision of children, effectively and appropriately engage with children ages 0-18 and Non-Minor Dependents ages 18-21.
      • Understanding of the need for and maintains appropriate professional boundaries and confidentiality.
      • Tact, discretion and judgment.
      • Ability to stay calm and emotionally available when interacting with a child who is upset.
      • Openness to feedback and supervision. Interested in learning.
      • Ability to promote a positive, healthy work environment in the service of a cohesive team and positive culture.
      • Comfort working in a multicultural/diverse environment; sensitivity to issues of race, class, gender and ethnicity.
      • Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team.
      • Effective verbal and written communication.
      • Ability to proactively identify and communicate when issues need to be addressed.
      • Familiarity with computers and adequate typing ability.
      • Efficiency and strong time management abilities.
      • Problem solving and creativity skills.

Working Conditions:

      • Position involves working with children who have been traumatized and exposure to physical and verbal aggression.
      • Position involves potential exposure to communicable diseases including the common cold, flu, and tuberculosis.
      • Position requires the ability to work irregular hours, including evenings, overnight, and weekends.
      • Overnight shifts are awake shifts.  Support counselor must be awake and alert and able to intake children or attend to any child needs throughout entire shift.
      • Position does not involve restraining children.

Position Details and Compensation:

This is a relief position reporting to the Assessment Center Site Manager.  Hourly pay is $17.85 per hour, additional 4% differential for Spanish language fluency. Health benefits are not included for relief positions. This position is located at the Assessment Center in Hayward, CA.

To Apply: If interested, please use the online submission form found at to submit your cover letter and resume describing how you meet these qualifications. Please indicate in your cover letter what days of the week you would be available to work the 7am-4pm day shifts and/or weekend shifts. Please note that cover letters are an important part of our applicant review process.

WestCoast Children’s Clinic is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to diminishing the influence of privilege and discrimination in our field and our workplace, whether due to differences concerning age, citizenship, color, disability, marital or parental status, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Download a PDF of the job description here.