Research to Action: Sexually Exploited Minors Needs and Strengths

We are pleased to announce the release of WestCoast’s first research brief“Research to Action: Sexually Exploited Minors Needs and Strengths.”  

The disturbing underground industry that thrives on selling children for sex is an alarming and complex problem that has no simple solution. But we’re dedicated to doing what it takes to end child sexual exploitation.

Our Research-to-Action project brings us one step closer to understanding the characteristics of sexually exploited youth and the effects of exploitation on their mental health. This groundbreaking collaborative research project brought together 10 agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa counties who serve these youth in a variety of settings.

This paper presents the findings from our two-year project and includes recommendations for prevention and treatment, and presents a policy agenda for ending the practice of trafficking children in the Bay Area and nationally.

We hope that you will take a moment to review the report. Your participation in the fight to end child exploitation is a critical part of any effective solution.

To receive a printed copy of the white paper, please email For questions related to the study, please contact our Director of Research and Evaluation, Dr. Danna Basson, at