WestCoast presents at national CANS conference: 2011, 2012, and 2013

WestCoast has presented our research on sexually exploited minors at the National Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) Conference in 2011, 2012, and 2013. In 2011, Dr. April Fernando, WestCoast’s Chief of Clinical Operations, Research, and Training, won the Program Outcome Champion award for innovation in design and implementation of a CANS tool in our clinic.

WestCoast Children’s Clinic presents at the annual Society for Personality Assessment conference

Assessment Program Director, Barbara Mercer, and Assistant Program Director, Audrey Rosenberg, each presented a paper in a Symposium at the Society for Personality Assessment, an annual international conference, this year in San Diego. Barbara’s talk entitled “Living With Danger: Attachment and Complex Trauma in Oakland, California” was part of a Symposium called An International Perspective: Assessment’s Role in Uncovering and Coping with Client Trauma. Audrey’s talk “Beyond the Dyad: How an Organization can Support Supervisors who are Working with Unlicensed Trainees who are Testing High-Risk Youth” was in a Symposium on The Art of Supporting Supervisors: Supervision of Psychological Assessment.

Judy Wan, our pre-doctoral intern and next year’s post-doctoral resident, gave a poster session, Therapeutic Assessment with Adolescents: A Time-Series Design Examining Changes in Family Functioning. Her poster is on display in the hallway near the kitchen.

Eching Ho, who will be starting per postdoctoral residency with us in September, gave a poster session, Role of Acculturation and Enculturation on Chinese American Adults’ Perception of Child Psychological Assessment Models.

It’s about more than just corn subsidies…

Dear WestCoast Community,

The federal Farm Bill, currently under negotiation in Congress, is about more than just corn subsidies—it also contains a program critical to the healthy development of low-income children: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP, also known as food stamps, helps feed children and families living in poverty. Continue reading

WestCoast to serve on CSEC Action Team

In July 2013, WestCoast’s Executive Director, Stacey Katz, was selected to serve on the California Child Welfare Council’s CSEC Action Team. The CSEC Action Team was convened in response to the recommendations in the Council’s report Ending the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Call for Multi-System Collaboration in CaliforniaDr. Katz will provide the mental health perspective on the problem of child sex trafficking, and is co-chair of the Identification and Prevalence sub-committee.

C-Change at the 45th Annual Association of Black Psychologists International Convention

From July 24-26, 2013 C-Change clinician, Amara Benjamin-Bullock, attended the 45th Annual Association of Black Psychologists International Convention as a panelist in a discussion assembly titled, “Pan African Psychology: A Diasporan and Continental Dialogue,” and participated in two presentations titled “DSM V Conversation Hour,” and “Human Trafficking in the US.” Amara was also honored in a SAGE sponsored reception for her article contribution to the Journal of Black Psychology Special Issue on Pan-African Psychology.

What happens after an FBI raid?

Dear WestCoast Community,

According to national news reports last week, the FBI rescued 105 victims from commercial sexual exploitation in 76 cities throughout the country. But what happens to victims after they are recovered? Some are returned to their families or foster care placements. The Chronicle of Social Change delved deeper to report that others are not treated like victims at all: Some Trafficking Victims ‘Rescued’ by the FBI Have Been ArrestedContinue reading

Its Right Here…

Dear WestCoast Community,

As awareness grows in Oakland and beyond about the commercial sexual exploitation of children, WestCoast is at the forefront, providing crucial expertise about the problem and ways we can address it. In an article published by Oakland Local today, WestCoast’s Director of Research and Evaluation, Dr. Danna Basson, shared our research on the trauma and impact of sexual exploitation on our clients as we reported last year in Research-to-Action: Sexually Exploited Minors Needs and Strengths. Continue reading

WestCoast participates in Senate Health and Human Services Hearing

Dear WestCoast Community,

As part of our continued efforts to advocate for an improved statewide response to the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in California, WestCoast participated in a California Senate Committee on Human Services Hearing this past Tuesday. The hearing brought together leaders from the multiple systems that serve CSEC to educate policymakers on the complexities and challenges of protecting and serving sexually exploited youth.  Continue reading

WCC Staff presents 3 papers to American Education Research Association Conference

Alea Holman presented 3 papers at the American Educational Research Association(AERA) conference in April. They are: Catalysts and Challenges to Gendered Racial Socialization in Black FamiliesBefore the Bell Rings: Black Families’ Efforts to Support their Children’s Educational Excellence; and African American Parents’ Experiences with Schools: How a Community-Based Program can Strengthen Family-School Relationships.