Mental Health Therapists for STAT Program (multiple openings)

WestCoast Children’s Clinic’s STAT Program is seeking multiple, skilled Mental Health Clinicians who are dedicated to optimizing the social and emotional wellbeing of children, youth and families. Clinicians provide community-based, intensive strategies to address current needs for stabilization, crisis intervention and trauma-focused treatment. We are looking for effective clinicians and collaborators who will provide superb psychosocial assessments, treatment planning, individual and family therapy, and case management. Continue reading

Clinical Services Manager

WestCoast Children’s Clinic is seeking an experienced Clinical Services Manager. Reporting to the Director of Clinical Services, the Clinical Services Manager is responsible for the overall Clinical Services workflow of integrated intake/admissions and quality assurance processes for quality, professionalism of client and staff support, and integrity. Main duties include: managing the intake and admissions process (conducting intake interviews, processing and reviewing all intakes, coordinating with program directors regarding distribution of case assignments, training and supervising intern intake clinicians); manages the assignment, monitoring and any necessary performance improvements of the daily, weekly, and monthly quality assurance processes (records review, funding eligibility, documentation help desk to clinicians, etc.) to meet expected deadlines and performance targets; monitoring and managing MediCal eligibility and tracking of all programs; and coordinating or delivering orientation and update trainings.  Continue reading