Children/Youth Mental Health Supervisor

The Children/Youth Mental Health Site Supervisor plays a vital role in a multidisciplinary team which focuses on comprehensive care, assessment, and supervision of clients while they await placement at the Assessment Center to a foster home, group home, or with a relative (23 hour target for clients’ placements). This is an opportunity where you can develop your supervisory or managerial skills while making an impact in the lives of children and youth. The Supervisor’s role includes providing support and clinical supervision to full time and relief support counselors in order to help staff grow and develop their skills.

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Outpatient Clinician (multiple openings)

Our Outpatient Mental Health services are uniquely suited to meet the needs of vulnerable and high-risk children, adolescents and families — particularly those involved in the Alameda County foster care system. Our mental health clinicians see clients at our Fruitvale clinic as well as in community settings, meeting families at their greatest point of need, equipping them with the tools and linkages to help overcome what often are multiple traumatic events. 

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Transition Age Youth Clinicians (multiple openings)

WestCoast Children’s Clinic is seeking one TAYS Clinician for the Catch-21 Program and one Bilingual Clinician for the C-Change Program, who are passionate about improving the lives of underserved adolescents. The TAYS Clinicians provide community-based, intensive strategies to address any current need for stabilization, crisis intervention and trauma-focused treatment.  Continue reading

Action Alert: Call your Senators Today to Vote No on Rep. Tom Price

The Senate will vote as early as tonight on Rep. Tom Price to lead the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Price wants to limit federal Medicaid spending, dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and defund Planned Parenthood. He is also under scrutiny for ethics issues.
Why it Matters: Rep. Price advocates for cuts to Medicaid (MediCal in CA) and the Affordable Care Act that would result in 5 million Californians losing healthcare, a $20 billion state budget gap, and reduced access to mental health and health services for WestCoast’s children and families.
Action: Call Senators Harris and Feinstein to ask for their NO votes on Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services. Ask them to hold the vote until an ethics investigation is complete.
Share this information: Please feel free to circulate this Call To Action Form, and if you use Facebook, you can share the call to action from our page

New Podcast Series

Check out WestCoast’s new podcast series!

On November 29th, 2016, WestCoast Children’s Clinic hosted a panel to discuss how racism and misogyny drive child sex trafficking in the United States. As women and their allies across the country voice opposition to policies that explicitly endanger women and girls, the need to address the impact of the child sex trade on girls of color is greater than ever. Today we’re releasing the first two of five podcasts from a recording of the evening. Please click through to listen to this important conversation with five national experts in the anti-trafficking movement.

Child Sex Trafficking: Who is for sale and what cost? 









We Urge You to Support SB31

Support SB 31, The California Religious Freedom Act! The bill
Directs California state and local governments to refrain from initiating, participating in, or assisting with any program to create a religious list, registry, or database, or using information about people’s national origin or ethnicity to achieve the same basic purpose.

Check to see if your CA Senator is on the Appropriations committee, where the bill will next be heard. If they’re on the committee, give them a call!