10 Reasons to #KillTheBill

The House is voting this afternoon! We are targeting these Reps: Please share this widely in CA

Here’s who they are, the cities they represent and the number of constituents who would lose coverage under the ACHA within the next decade:

  • Rep. Denham: Modesto, Oakdale, Tracy, Turlock and surrounding areas: 51,000 constituents would lose coverage
  • Rep. Valadao: Fresno and surrounding areas: 60,100 would lose coverage
  • Rep. Cook: San Bernardino County: 51,900 would lose coverage
  • Rep. Issa: coastal San Diego and northern Orange County: 36,400 would lose coverage
  • Rep. Knight: Northern LA County, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Simi Valley and surrounding areas: 46,400 would lose coverage
  • Rep. La Malfa: Shasta and surrounding areas: 45,600
  • Rep. Rohrbacher: Orange County (Huntington Beach area): 41,600

The Capitol switchboard will connect you with your Member of Congress: (202) 224-3121